1872 N. Nova Road
Holly Hill, FL 32117
Office :386-255-5503

Name :Jeff & Wilma Pool

Location :Kissimmee


Testimonial :My husband and I made a special trip to Autosports of Daytona Inc.  We were not disappointed.  My husband loves his Toyota Sequioa.  Skip was awesome for the fact that he was not what you call high pressure salesperson.  Also, he is very honest not to mention very nice and professional.   I highly recommend Autosports of Daytona Inc.

Date :February 17, 2018

Karen Avesato

in the last week-
My husband and I traveled from St. Augustine after viewing an immaculate, low mileage RAV 4 on their website. After working with Skip @ Autosports of Daytona, Inc., we found him to be exceptionally professional and accommodating. We test drove and purchased our awesome RAV 4, which is exactly what we had been searching for. Skip actually special ordered the Key Fob for us (which was missing)! Skip Hammers owner/manager) and Autosports of Daytona is top notch and rated 5 stars (out of 5) in my book! Check out their excellent inventory!

a month ago-
If you’re looking for a used car check here 1st! Skip, the owner, “IS” honest! Not many around like Skip!
In my case: My wife & I purchased a 2004 Explorer Sport Trac. It did not have a Cruise Control and my wife said she needed to have that option. We asked Skip if the truck was equipped to have one hooked-up. He said some 2004’s do and some don’t but he thought this one did.
We purchased the truck and to make a long story short we found out that it wasn’t equipped for Cruise. I emailed Skip with this information and he immediately purchased and sent to us a $250.00 Cruise Control unit ready to install, no questions asked. To say the least my wife & I were very pleased!
Thanks Skip!
Tom & Deb


Name : Bob and Deb Daugherty

Location : St. Augustine, FL

Testimonial :

We purchased a Tacoma, which was missing the owners manual, jack and tool kit to lower the spare tire. Skip stated he thought he had the manual and would get it to us. We didn't know about the jack or tool kit until I was transferring myself stuff to the truck. This was four days later and I contacted them. Skip purchased a new owners manual, tool kit and jack and had them shipped to my house.

I call this service and expert follow through on their promises. 

I would and will recommend them.

Date :May 25, 2017


Newman Vashti

in the last week-

Skip from Autosports was amazing. I needed help finding a Toyota Highlander. Within a couple weeks he found just the right one. He called me when it was ready for pick up. He also found me financing with a great rate. He is fair, honest, and comes in at a great price. 5 Stars!!! This company is awesome!

May 4,2017


Jake Weinraub

in the last week-
Very awesome service. They stand by their promises which is rare these days. Very happy with vehicle I purchased and service received. Would definitely purchase another vehicle from these guys.


Name :Hope & Greg Stickley

Location :Jacksonville, FL

Testimonial :

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Skip Hammers! My husband and I needed a new vehicle that was reliable and just a good family car since we have a new baby. Skip gave us exactly what we were looking for and at the price we needed! It was such a Stress-less experience and we couldn't be more grateful! Thank you so much Skip!!

Date :March 6, 2017


Rob Walters

Hilton Head, S.C.


   I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know about this awesome company, Autosports of Daytona  I purchased my Toyota Tacoma via the Internet sight only by the pictures on their website. I have to say the truck was better than the photos. Its was flawless, the paint was beautiful and the interior wow !. They said in their ad they had new leather  interior installed.  Let me tell you this leather was beautiful and the workmanship of the installation company was outstanding. This 9 year old Toyota drives like new and I was so impresses with the condition. The transaction went super smooth and I would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks Skip, Casey, and Chuck for your honesty and professionalism. 

Date:  January 21,2017


Name : Michael J. R.

Location :Sarasota Fl.

Testimonial :" Let me tell you about a man named Skip, who runs one super awesome dealership, for all out there I offer this tip, If you find yourself wanting to ship, It arrives first class no matter the zip..."   

    Skip had a car listed that I just had to have. He took my deposit over the phone, his pics and description were right on. I bought sight unseen. Even his competitors adore him. Delivered to S.W. Entire experience #1. Mike, Sarasota Fl.

Date : December 18, 2016


1872 N Nova Rd.
Daytona Beach, FL 32117


Skip and Casey of AutoSports of Daytona  are the car dealers for people who hate the usual car purchase runaround.  They were a pleasure to deal with.  I was interested in a late model Tundra on their lot.  Skip quoted me a fair price with my trade, but a little higher than I budgeted for.  He offered to split the difference and that made it a good deal for both of us. Upon inspection, the Tundra had a couple of small, but important issues needing attention.  Skip didn't try to doubt my mechanic or wiggle out of fixing them like many used car people tend to do.  He was quick to have the items completely addressed and two days later the truck was ready.  Casey and Skip are straight shooters and I highly recommend them if you're looking for a quality used vehicle.

John A.

Ormond Beach, Fl


Name :John

Location :Jacksonville

Testimonial :Purchased a 2006 Toyota Sequoia from Skip and the experience that they gave me was excellent. The team at Autosports of Daytona was knowledgeable, friendly and best of all they sell quality vehicles. I would highly recommend coming to see Skip and Casey for your next vehicle purchase. Thanks again!!!!!

Date :November 27, 2016


Name : Laura

Location : Clermont, FL

Testimonial :

We were in the market for a used car in great condition at a good price. We found just the car we needed here. Acura RDX at a great fair price. The car has been running great with no issues. My daughters and I were treated with great customer service and prompt follow up for the tag and registration. 

Thank you guys!  Definitely recommend Auto Sports of Daytona.

Date : November 2, 2016


Skip and Chuck I can't thank you enough for making it all happen so fast and so easy. Blind trust and you took great care of us.

A sense of security driving a car from Autosports !

Catherine Stark

Jacksonville, Fl.


Name :Steven Brennan

Location :Savannah Ga.

Email : Daytona........

Testimonial : This is my fourth vehicle that I bought from Autosports in a span of 20 years, and as always have never been let down. When shopping for used cars you should look no further then Autosports. The inventory is always great and the service is even better. I trust the dealership and will continue to use this dealership for all my auto needs.

Date :July 14, 2016


Name : Chris K

Location : Deland, Fl.

Testimonial : We were looking for a "new" vehicle for my son who is in college- they had the right vehicle at the right price and Casey made it very easy to do business with them- no pressure and a fair deal.  Unlike other places we shopped they have an established reputation and it is apparent they care about the cars they sell.  The Expedition was exactly as described on their website- possibly even better!  It was in great condition and we are very pleased with the purchase.

Date :July 5, 2016


Name :Caleb B

Location :FL

Testimonial :I had just moved to FL and was in need of a vehicle immediately. After searching Craigslist I found a nice Toyota Tacoma I was interested in. It was a Sunday, and I started work Tuesday. After calling Casey and explaining my interest in the vehicle, he informed me they were closed Sundays, but would look into letting me check out the truck. Within 20 minutes after he called me back to let me know someone would be able to show it to me that day. Upon arrival, I was kindly greeted by Skip who gave me all the information I needed and after working out a few details, long story short I bought the truck with no BS attached. Exceptional customer service, and bottom line deals. Would definitely recommend bringing your business there, and if I'm in need of another vehicle (hopefully not) I'll definitely check out their inventory first. 10/10

Date :June 20, 2016


Name :Greg and Karen Howard

Location :Daytona Beach

Testimonial :  We were in the market for a good used vehicle just to have as a grocery getter and errand runner, however, we wanted reliability and a solid car. 

After shopping around Daytona, we remembered "Skip" from Autosports as we had met him before a couple of years back. We drove to Autosports and found a nice Nissan that fit the bill. 

We were treated great, no nonsense and professionally. Just like the time before. We are fairly picky on the vehicles we buy and obviously so is Autosports as their inventory is clean, nice good mileage cars. 


Date :June 2, 2016


Name :Paul Tilson

Location :Georgia

Testimonial :     I bought my 2006 Tacoma last year from Autosports.  I drove from Georgia to buy the truck and the drive was more than worth it.  Although about 10 years old the truck looked like it just came off the Toyota showroom.  I have been delighted with the truck... excellent condition, well maintained and just what I was looking for.  The real test... after owning it for 6 months I love it just as much as the day I bought it.  Skip was great and delivered personal service in a most professional manner with attention to detail and a fair price for the product.  

Skip and Autosports get my highest recommendation!  If you're in the market for a used SUV, truck or car you owe it to yourself to browse their website for inventory and/or give Skip a call.

Date : May 11, 2016


Hey Skip and Casey,

 I wanted to thank you both for facilitating the transport of my 2003 Toyota Tundra Limited . 

It's beautiful and drives like a champ . 

I appreciate your professionalism and in integrity. I know where to purchase my vehicles in

the future. 

Respectfully Vincent ( Vince) Benavides 

Corpus Christ , Texas 

March 5, 2016 


Name :Kelly Ferguson

Location : Holly Hill Area

Testimonial : Skip took great care of me with the purchase of my BMW 325 I and any related follow up. He was wonderful.  I really enjoyed his personal service and attention to detail.  The car I got was very clean and well maintained and I think it was a very fair deal.  Thank you, Skip, and I look forward to a continued great relationship!

Date :February 24, 2016


Name :Tom Connor

Location :Ormond-by-the-Sea Florida

Testimonial : I saw this car on a website, then I went to AutoSports web page and thought I needed to see this automobile in person. I went to the dealership and Skip met me at the front door and the car was sitting right there. It looked as if it just came out of a showroon. Skip gave me all the details and after a test drive, I purchased the car. A very happy experience for me. Skip  was very knowledgeable and professional.

Date :January 22, 2016


Testimonial :


THANKS TO SKIP & CASEY & CHUCK… you are the best bunch of guys that I have met in a long time! 




Orlando , Fl 



Name :  Joe and Dee Rintharamy

Testimonial :

Autosports of Daytona, you guys are the best dealer in the area! We loved our purchases. We bought a  2002 Toyota Tundra and 2004 Toyota 4 Runner. Both are running very well. Have not had any issue over last 6 months. Skip and Casey you guys stand by your words. Thank you!

Location :Pierson, FL


Email :Chandee k@gmail.cim

Testimonial :Autosports of Daytona, you guys are the best dealer in the area! We loved our purchases. We bought a  2002 Toyota Tundra and 2004 Toyota 4 Runner. Both are running very well. Have not had any issue over last 6 months. Skip and Casey you guys stand by your words. Thank you!

Date :November 10, 2015


I contacted Skip at Autosports of Daytona when I was in the market for my new car. I wanted to trade in my 2005 Mercedes ML sport utility and purchase a like new SUV. Skip suggested a Lexus 350 sport utility with really low miles, in perfect condition. Autosports of Daytona was the premier place recommended to me by family and friends. They took care of the transaction and it was effortless. I got the exact Lexus I ordered. If you don't want the hassle of wasting your time and you want the perfect vehicle, have Autosports of Daytona do the shopping and deliver for you. I highly recommend them to everyone . Happy, Happy Customer... Thanks Autosports of Daytona Inc.

M.P. Ormond Beach, Fl_____________________________________________________________________________

I recently purchased a 2003 Honda CRV from Skip at Autosport of Daytona.  Skip is a rare find !   We drove down from Orange Park Fl to purchase the vehicle after he impressed me over the phone.  He is personable, honest and truly takes care of his customers.  These are rare qualities in the used car business.  He made sure that the CRV was fully ready without issues before he sold it to us- to the level he would beforw his own daughter would get in the vehicle.

I can honestly say the next time I need to purchase a vehicle, I'm going to avoid the large auto dealers, and will go straight to Skip.

Richard W. Sams


Senior Medical Officer

September 26, 2015


Name :Denise

Location :Port Orange

Testimonial :I had a great experience with Skip and Casey

They took care of everything and I highly recommend them!

Date : September 18, 2015


Name :Chuck & Lynn McDonald

Location :Holly Hill Fl.

Testimonial :

This is our fourth auto that we have purchased in the last 15 yrs.and we are very pleased with each and one that we\'ve owned. we have had very good luck with buying pre owned cars from Skip. He is a great guy to work with and gets you in a car that you can afford!, and have many miles of care free driving.I highly recommend his dealership in buying your next pre-owned car from Skip. 

Thank You Skip, Looking forward to my next car in a few years!. Chuck&Lynn

Date :September 17, 2015


Name :Mike McGreal

Location :Northbrook, Illinois

Testimonial :

Took a chance and flew down from Chicago  to Fla with my 18 year old son who has been on a mission to find a 1999 Jeep Cherokee that wasn\'t a total rust bucket. Skip and Casey assured me we wouldn\'t be disappointed with one they had on their lot. We took a big chance going down there on their word but we were not disappointed. They were great to work with and stayed well after hours to get our business. The Jeep took us home safely and made the 24 hour ride like a new car. Thanks for making helping me make memories with my son and for being decent guys.

Date :August 1, 2015


Name :Pete Polzella

Location :Ormond Beach, Fl

Testimonial :

I wanted to give praise to the guys at Autosports of Daytona . I just purchased my 2nd vehicle form them and I must say , I got the nicest Nissan Pathfinder Se with all the equipment , Leather, Sunroof and Power Seats.  I love the feel of this vehicle. I am now in the process of purchasing a newer 2015 Kia Soul for my daughter. I highly recommend the guys at  Autosports of Daytona . I saved thousands of dollars not purchasing from the new car dealers and believe me I looked extensively.  I trust them completely they never wasted my time.  I also purchased my extended warranty thru them. I sent 2 of my employees to them and the are completely satisfied with their purchases. Thanks Autosports of Daytona .

Peter Polzella

Ormond Beach, Fl

Date :July 23, 2015


Name :Jeffrey C

Location : Atlanta, GA.

Testimonial :

 I just purchased 2001 Toyota 4 Runner from Skip at Autosports of Daytona!  I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with Skip and how he answered ANY and ALL of my questions and sent me tons of pictures even the underneath along with the Carfax without even asking. Very non-stressful experience and a pleasure to deal with.  Yes, I flew from Atlanta to Daytona Skip was waiting on me at the airport in the 4 Runner and it was as BEAUTIFUL in person as the pictures showed. 

Thank you Skip for such a pleasurable experience.

Date : July 8, 2015


Most pleasurable experience in buying a vehicle. Skip was a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend this dealership.

Bob Fontaine


in the last week
After having bad experiences with local car dealership, buying one is very stressful. We started looking online, and study the market value of each vehicle. Skip, Autosports of Daytona's manager called me and gave me all the details of the vehicle I love. He is very transparent, black and white. I end up with another vehicle because the first one sold so fast. And KC, his partner help us find what is perfect for us, as of this moment. Thank you for your honesty and we are happy with the awesome service you gave us. We will recommend you to our families and friends.


William Thompson.

Palm Coast, Fl 

I  looked and looked for 6 weeks for an extra clean used vehicle and what I found was torn seats dents and dings and worn tires. When I stopped at Autosports I saw just what I was looking for and extra clean 2007 Volvo S 60. The seats were flawless and the it had brand new tires and brakes. The exterior was in immaculate condition. I ask the guys how do you find these extra clean 8 year old vehicles and Skip and Casey said they try to only buy one owner vehicles and then spend anywhere from $800.00 to $1500.00 on reconditioning. Well let me tell you I gladly paid a touch more for my Volvo but as the guys said "you get what you paid for" and I just got  the nicest one around and I can tell you that ...It Is Beautiful.. It Looks and smells new.  I am very proud of my Volvo purchase. My neighbors thought it was a new one. It's nice to be complemented. 

Thanks you guys for the nicest used car I have ever bought. 

Bill and Cindy


Name :  Simmons

Location :Parrish FL

Testimonial :I found the Corvette I wanted on the internet.  Not only was the car perfect, the buying experience was the best I\'ve ever had.  I got a very fair price, the paper work was done in 5 minutes and (in the rain) he even helped me load it on a trailer to take home.  I was soaking wet when it was finally loaded.  Skip gave me a fresh towel to dry off with and then a dry shirt to wear home.  So not only did I get a great deal, Skip gave me the shirt of his back to complete the sale. 

Love ya Skip

I\'ll be back

Skip Simmons

Parrish Fl

Date :April 20, 2015


Name :Bill V

Location :Daytona Beach

Testimonial :

Well, I waited several months to write this because I wanted to be sure. I\'m sure. Skip treated me fairly, with respect and honesty. I was never pushed or \"closed\". Skip said that he wants his customers to get as close as they can to a new car, well five months later my 10 year old used vehicle still feels like new. As I was ready to leave the lot, I noticed the headliner was drooping, Skip insisted on taking care of it, stating the new car feel he wanted me to have. When it\'s time, Autosports of Daytona will be the first place I shop. Skip made the whole process of buying and selling simple and hassle free.

Date :March 20, 2015


Name :Larry Hoch

Location :Port Orange, FL

Testimonial :

Hats off to Skip Hammers owner/salesman of AutoSports of Daytona! I was in a golf outing where the three other golfers were talking about AutoSports of Daytona (A used car dealership). Each of them had 4 to 6 cars they had bought from Mr. Hammers but also had a successful trade in experience with Mr. Hammers. I didn't overhear one complaint and only heard compliments. I am now a fan as now have a car on his lot for sale. Mr. Hammers has earned a lot of trust as the three golfers I was playing with, demand excellence!!!

Date :March 12, 2015


Name :Lynn R.

Location :Ormond Beach

Email :lynn@yahoo.com

Testimonial :Just want to let Skip and Casey know that I am so glad I purchased my truck from them. I had a few bumps in my credit, but they worked on the deal until they were resolved. I love the truck, would definitely purchase another from them.

Date :February 12, 2015

Name: Richard Ricks

Palm Coast, Fl

Dec., 2014 

Hi Skip,

I would like to thank you for the best car buying experience that I have ever had ! I had been to several dealers before I found you. Without exception they all used the usual tactics and trickery that have given dealers a bad name. The way in which you approached the used car buying process is a breath of fresh air.  Thank you so much for the great service. I really enjoyed doing business with you.

When ever I need a new car, you're the man ! I will definitely send friends and relatives who are looking for automobiles to you. 


Rich Ricks


Name :Javan King

           October 9, 2014

Location :Spartanburg S.C.

Testimonial : 





Date :October 9, 2014


Name :Mike B

Ormond Beach

Testimonial :It\'s not often you hear good things about car salesmen but this time was different.  

Skip and his staff were very helpful without any pressure.  We bought a beautiful Xterra but could have picked from any number of good looking, well-maintained cars.  Skip thanks for your help.  I will definitely recomm